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Talking HA's - 20L Shrimp Breeder*Pic Heavy*

UPDATE: Well the 15gallon bowed over an inch and the panels started separating from each other so its been torn down in order to fix it and the new tank is now a glass Perfecto 20-Long, Updates for it on page 3.. ^^

Old Post
This is going to be more of a work in progress for awhile as it's going to be at least another 6 months before I can get this tank up and running. I wanted to start the journal though and get a list down of what I'm planning for it as it's starting to come together now.

The details:
Tank is a custom made 15 gallon acylic beauty made by CS Aquariums
Dimensions are 24" Long x 12" Wide x 12" Tall
Back is 100% all black acrylic
Tank includes a fitted top, everything but the back panel is clear

This will most likely be a soft water tank with most if not all RO water

Lighting will be provided by a modded shoplight fixture featuring two 2xODNO 24" T8's sitting 3" from the water
1 Hagen Life-Glo 6700k; 1 ZooMed Flora Sun 5000k

Pressurized paintball co2 - 12oz tank with Inline CO2 Atomizer

The Sunsun HW-302 from my 29gal will be used on this tank as soon as I can buy the HW-404b for it.

Substrate is AquaSoil Improved - Preordered and waiting for arrival

Ferts will be Dry with Seachem Flourish Trace/comprehensive for micro's.


Cory's - peppered corys most likely, from my breeding stock
Anything else TBD

Ranunculus Inundatus
Tonina Fluviatilis
S. Manaus
P. Kawagoneum
Anything else TBD


Here's the initial shot of the tank still taped up

Next update will be in awhile when I acquire the rest of my stuff and can unwrap the tank^^

Comments/Suggestions welcome

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