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Originally Posted by soc200 View Post

I agree. The same could be said for keeping other animals, child-rearing to a certain extent too. The fact is most people don't CARE nearly enough about the needs of the creatures they keep, humans included.
I completely agree.

Humans have a really complicated place in nature, and I'm not too sure that we have precisely defined where, and how, we will choose to interact with it. I'm really only comforted by the fact that this is a pretty new problem for us.

If I think about it in the time span of the history of human life. We fought and scratched and, out of necessity, thought and lived our roles in a completely different light. We were low on the totem pole and had to think about things in terms of survival. What utility could we get, how could we bend nature to accommodate us, and would we have enough. We simply are not in the role that we were however many years ago.

I think one of the dangers that we face is to re-use thinking that has become outdated or to trade one devil for another. I would venture to say that one of the problems that we face is blind messages to consume all that we can. Consumerism and education do not often go hand in hand.

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