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Originally Posted by Loop View Post
That's cool. I never thought about cutting the funnel. Would it be pretty easy to cut the glass without breaking it? I've never tried cutting any glass before.

One idea I had was to just make something along the lines of this.

Sorry for the crude drawing, but I was just thinking of using some vinyl tubing again with some sort of cap on the end to hold the fluid in. Not sure if it would work out perfectly, but I was assuming that heating it, bending it, and cooling it would make it keep the "U" shape.
This, or some variation of it, would work well. For example, the loop could be made from a piece of acrylic tube - heat it and bend it - with the vinyl tubing used to join them.

Cutting glass is simple in concept, but takes some practice to do well. Cutting a bottle is very easy, and perhaps not fool proof, but still easy. Cutting the funnel might be a challenge.

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