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I'm from the Illinois side and only a few minutes from MO and unfortunately almost all of the stores listed are over an hour away with the exception of Malawi Aquatics. Anyone have any experience with the stores listed above. Malawi can give you a bit of a shock when you walk in. It's dark and hot and humid as all get out, the tanks are bare with the exception of rocks for the fish that hide like chiclids and plecos and such. However after being in the store for a while I noticed that all the fish were healthy and vigorously swimming about. I only saw one dead fish and no sick fish the two times I was there. The prices are good on there fish and as the name implies, they catter to the chiclid lover.

Tropical World Pets is clean and well stocked with healthy looking fish and they carry some reptiles and marine fish as well. They do have a nice selection of not so common to the big box stores of drift wood, filtration, parts, and such. Very good place to go if looking for more than just fish.
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