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Yeah, we're almost done cleaning out Pet Market Place, just some shelving units still to go. We were pretty much the largest place with the most fish, and man were we cheap.

What's left....

Tropical World Pets on watson

Aquaworld One down gravois past the bevo mill, one on Manchester near 109 in ellisville (past allllll the car dealers)

malawi aquatics somewhere close to where beldts was (can't remember)

saltwater stuff

marine solutions near 94 and 70

gateway aquatics off of telegraph

Seascape studio off of South Lindbergh near watson rd

That's all that I can come up with off the top of my head.

stores that are closed now...

guilded guppy
pet treasures
clayton pet emporium
pet market place


Oh and anyone who hasn't been to aquaworld..they are expensive but usually have some awesome stuff. If you buy 6 of any one type, you get 20% off, and, if you "like" them on facebook you get an instant 10ish% off...they have a cpu there, and will look you up to see.

And for the local club, check out the website... just google missouri aquarium society. The site will come up. HUGE auction coming up in May 1st

125g semi planted. 2 silver angels, 14 silver tips, 16 white fin ornatus tetras, pair of Nicaraguense, pair of nototus severums, trio of firemouth cichlids. 2 FX5s, 1 1500gph circ pump, 2 48" LED lighs, and a HUGE piece of driftwood.

650g fish room. 15 30g tanks, 150g sump.
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