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90g acrylic journal

A few months ago, a buddy demolished their home to rebuild it and they gave me their used 90g acrylic tank as we were cleaning things up. The acrylic appears to be cloudy with the amount of tiny scratches it has but it doesn't look as bad when it's filled with water.

As suggested by a fellow board member, the tank was polished with Novus 1, 2, and 3 scratch remover and I must say that #2 worked pretty well for me. It removed most, if not all, of the fine scratches. However, the result from #3 (for deep scratches) were mediocre. I should have gotten wet sandpaper for the deeper scratches first but was satisfied with the result.



I was up at Big Creek for work a few months ago and found a nice piece of manzanita that I wanted to use for this tank but I couldn't get it to fit. I ended up chopping it in half.

This is the final hard scape that I decided to keep.

This tank has actually been running for a few weeks now and I have a journal at SCAPE but decided to post here as well. My goal for this setup is a low maintenance tank dominated by crypts with some moss and ferns. I also made a 12-13" tall mound to allow crypts to flower when the water level is reduced. The substrate is earthworm casting (mixed with clay) capped with used aquasoil.

I am expecting two shipments of hairgrass to arrive. This will be the main foreground cover. Also, the crypts traded with Chad recently will be going in here as well.

I will update this later when the hairgrass is planted in.

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Plants and critters as of 3-31-2011:
C affinis "Pahang"
C keei "Jambusan"
C nurii "Pahang"
C nurii "Pahang" - mutated form
C nurii "Rompin"
C striolata "Lundu"
Mini pellia
Weeping moss
Fissiden fontanus
Bolbitis heudelotii - small form
Needle leaf fern

bristlenose plecos

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