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Found the issue! Wnkdracer suggested flubendazole and I thought I had that on hand. It was in a small jar I got from the vet and only had dewormer written on it. So......I called up the vet that I got it from and asked them. They gave me fenbendazole. I assumed it was flu, not fen. My horrible bad. To confirm without going into details, I found a small pebble of it in one of the fish I had die today. So apparently, it didn't dissolve like I was expecting, I left the room and when the lights came on, they ate it. It was too much for them to handle. You can actually feel the bulges in some of the fish. If you look at the poor CPD in the middle, you can actually see it quite well. That explains why it failed this time but worked for everything else. So make sure you are using the right medication! (In addition to quarantine.)

Final death toll: 35 and suspecting at least two more. I am down to four rasboras. This hurts more than a bit. They are schooling fish and they are not happy. All the CPDs are gone now. Two extraordinary ordinary common guppies MIA I tore the tank apart, took all the plants out rinsed them well and didn't find them.

Well, pictures now that it is put back together. Doesn't look too bad, I actually think it has some real potential. So, Amy you are correct. At least I got to rescape.

And here are the most recently fallen fish. (If this bothers anyone, please let me know and I'll remove it.)

Onto good news!
There is no sign of ich whatsoever.

Despite beaten plants from being uprooted, co2 off and no fertilizers, all but a few plants made it. The lily is shedding leaves, but it always does that when moved around. I only have a few stems of each of the lindernia species left, but they are in good shape. MU is gone. But that's fine with me I secretly despised that plant. Erio is a little banged up, but I have plenty of it in another tank, so I'm happy.

Also, the otos are doing fabulous. They are spawning! I can't get a good picture of the eggs because of the air bubbles, from the water, but if there is any left over (not eaten), I'll be sure to snap some pics. Probably from the the massive water changes.

So between the 20+ fry I took into the store to start the disaster and the 35 dead, at least I don't have to worry about where to put them when I change out the substrate/fix the silicone. And the tank is officially no longer overstocked. So that much is good.

Kara, my dear, you can thread-jack my threads at any time. I really don't care. It's conversation, no? (And at least it's fish related unlike my off-topic monologues in here ) Once you get used to seeing the CPDs spawning behavior, it's pretty easy to notice the subtle differences in the belly size. I am sad that I have no more CPDs, but I am done with them for now. Time to let the tank rest and balance out.

Rachel, thank you for the generous offer! But I'd pay you going rate gladly. If I ever decide what to get, that is. I'll keep this in mind.

But I saved the best news for last! You will all be glad to hear that the BBA is all safe and sound. Not one fluffy hair was harmed in this process.

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