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i got the moss today, thank you amy! it was fine, tied it to my driftwood. still have some tannins leaching out, but i am working on that (lots of water changes lol). ill try to get some pics tonight or tomorrow of the moss. my glass drop checker should be here within a week or so, and i also have an anubias nana on the way (i think i have the perfect spot for it on my df). still no word about my missing plants, filing a paypal dispute to hopefully hurry the process. i really need to get a better filter, i think i have a serious lack of flow (all the fish poo ends up in one spot, convienent for siphoning it out, but shows me where dead spots are, and i worry about my erio not getting good flow around it...

also, will using h2o2 to spot treat algae be harmful to the christmas moss?
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