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I went by this place.. it's called PetWorld in Boiling Springs.

Nice place..
The owner is super nice guy. He seems to know a good bit about plants and all too so that makes me happy. Oh and he even sells Cherry Shrimpies..

I saw several really nice Betta in his tanks.. too bad I'm having so much trouble with my 4g right now that I thought was cycled (nope I was dead wrong) or I'd have gotten the black and silvery looking one I saw today.. he was BEAST!!!!

the more I think about it the more I wanna start back with bettas... they're super interesting fish to watch, plus this pet store has a sorority tank for females!!!!!!!
+1 on him for that.

On a funny note... his cherry shrimp go INSANE for Sera crab bites... I think he trained em to do that to drum up sales lol.. I bought a can and my shrimp are like.. WTF is this?!? Heh I can't win for losing!!
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