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Originally Posted by youjettisonme View Post
Great tank FG. I have a 90p that is a little over two months old, and I'm fighting with the brown diatom on my HC just like you were. Seems you completely eradicated it from this last pic. What was the secret in the end? Trimming? Ferts? Patience? Every day I'm praying for the green lushness I see your pic, and the green that my glosso has no problem showing.

Also, I almost pulled the trigger on some chili rasoboras many times, but ended up going with some green rasboras and galaxy rasboras instead in the end. Beautiful fish you have. I have 9 ottos and 3 zebra ottos as well.

For anyone considering, I highly recommend the zebra ottos. Magnificent creatures. They are slightly larger then the normal otto, and they don't work as hard either, but they are terrific to watch.

Love your little nano! I have a mini-M that I just planted two weeks ago. Hoping it comes out almost as nice as yours.
Hey youjettisonme,

Thanks for the nice comments!! For me, I got rid of the diatoms through patience. I removed what I could from the glass, but the rest was simply just staying the course and knowing that it would eventually go away. Everything else has been has been careful monitoring, trimming, fertilizing, adequate co2, and more and more patience.

I love the rasboras, unfortunately, I've already had two jump. I have a glass top on my tank, but two have some how been able to find the little space between the glass top and the side of the tank and have jettisoned themselves out. Maybe I should get a very precise piece of glass cut (one that will wrap around the lily pipes to curtail any inkling to flee. I came home from work last night and saw my cat staring at what I thought was a bug on the ground. Upon closer inspection, I saw that it was the rasbora. I quickly scooped it up and through it back in the tank. It was swimming a lttle cockeyed, and this morning when I woke up, I found him upside down and floating. Sucks because these fish were not easy to find.

Here are a few random shots. I always find it interesting when I see how people do their tank maintenance. I love the solar mini m light and how maneuverable it is.

Best, el g

view from the couch
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