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The Matrix

Started a bigger tank...

I realized that the 4g wasn't going to be even close to big enough to be a humane shrimp tank.. so I spent some money lol..

I'm going to pretty much just post pics as new posts in this journal so this is the 56K warning etc..


12x Black Tetra
some CRS that are hiding (unknown # of shrimp as the tetra seem to find them tasty)

ZooMed 30" T5HO
24W 5000K FloraGlow
24W 10000K UltraSun

Extreme Rage Paintball Cylinder
Atomic 55mm Diffuser (on order)
Atomic Vertical Bubble Counter (on order)

~1" Miracle Grow Potting Mix
~2-4" (varies) CaribSea SuperNaturals White/Black Sand ((Fine grain))

Light Cycle:
4hrs in the am then 6.5hrs at night with 8hr siesta

***Begin Photo Journal***

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