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55g *Goldfish Jungle* No-Tech: updated pics Sept 25!!!

I have kept goldfish for almost 10 years now, but only recently with plants!
Most recent picture (As of 9/25/11):

-4 goldfish

Jungle val- vallisneria americana gigantae
Corkscrew val- Vallisneria americana v. 'Biwaensis'
Anubias barteri
Echinodorus 'rose'
Java fern- Microsorum pteropus
Rotala rotundifolia
+Dwarf sagittaria

Fluval C4 filter
Inert gravel
2x35watt T8 bulbs
No ferts

This is my tank (sorry for the bad quality, I'll try to get better pictures. It's not really that murky or dark, lol) :

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