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As requested, here's a shot with the fish visible. I do like them, mainly cause they are very peaceful and school all the time. I really enjoy the emerald eye that really sparkles. There is one that is suspect that has a little fin rot from the lfs. I'm considering sticking him in a hospital tank with some melafix. I'm a little reserved about adding any melefix to the water column in this tank. Although I have used it on other planted tanks in the past. I've just put too much time and effort in this tank to mess things up by adding outside medications (even if natural). I wish my diffuser (the emergency one I bought) was much smaller. I pulled it before I took the picture. I saw online that someone in brooklyn, ny is selling nano diffusers on ebay for $5.99. The one I purchased cost $19.95. In the photo you can see how red my female cherry shrimp is. You can spot her in the bottom left of the picture. Next to my otocinclus. There are many little shrimp babies hidden in the HC. I spotted a couple today. I imagine they will become food for the filter and rasboras once they start free swimming. I don't want to stick a sponge or guard over the intake because it would just look too ugly...although, I've got to admit, my intake pipe is lookin very gnarly. My fluval edge is currently my shrimp tank. I have over a 100 cherry shrimp breeding in that tank which is just moss and sticks. I dig the amano shrimp, but man is it ugly. I should get around to cleaning my lily pipes, but don't want to struggle removing the lily's from the tubing. I don't mind the gunk. It would look great without the biofilm on the pipes, but it doesn't bother me to much. Thanks for looking. Best, el g

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