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Just an update. I've been aggressively cutting the HC and it has really paid off (although very time consuming). My nano diffuser from aqmagic broke today when I was adjusting its position so I had to purchase one here in NYC. I think the quality of glass and pressure had a lot to do with the break, as the diffuser seemed to burst from the bottom curve after I bumped it on the glass. The only downside with the diffuser I purchased today is that it is not as small as the aqmagic one. Unfortunately I lost the boraras brigittae from a severe ich outbreak. But I picked up 6 emerald eye rasboras yesterday from New World Aquarium on 38th street. I'm very happy with these fish, and they are also super healthy. I also snagged an amano shrimp for some maintenance. The shrimp is a monster. Here's a new picture of the setup. To clean the rocks, I've been using an old head from an Oral B Sonicare brush that I hook up to the sonicare base. High tech cleaning device. here's an updated picture (right before I broke the nano diffuser).


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