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Originally Posted by JamesHockey View Post
What filtration you get?
A single power head. Marineland Maxi-Jet 400 equipped with a sponge kit for several reasons.

I did this on my first soil tank with a DIY spraybar and had up to 50 baby angels at one time in the tank without bio issues. I think once established planted tanks contain enough bacteria to convert waste without additional media as long as the water circulates. For the cost in time to DIY the intake that was a waste the first time. The kits work out great.

Mounted high in the tank air can be allowed in without a second pump for the purpose and this little PH uses only 5w so it's cheap to run. Water clarity on my under cabinet tank never seemed to be a problem. With this one at eye level in the living room time will tell if it works long term here too.

Originally Posted by hydrophyte View Post
Wow this is amazing DIY. Your welding job is awesome. I saw that same hydroponics light just the other day in a shop and it's a great value.
Thanks for the comment on the project . It was actually quicker /easier than the oak cabinets and entertainment center but did indeed turn out tight and nice (imo) to look at. Those light fixtures aren't as fit and finish fancy as the higher end tank light systems but the price is great and light quality delivered to the tank by the reflector was a huge jump over the 2x32T8 with 65K bulbs. (cheaper to run too )

haha enough trouble for a Monday morning coffee break

Originally Posted by sewingalot View Post
Okay, after three times of reading this journal and seeing you say hi so many times, I had to stop in to say: "You caught me and I can't keep quiet any longer!!! I ♥ the whole project!" From the 75s, to the welded stand to the 55s to the dirt to your kid in the hole.....AND pictures I can see (hint, nonc who has probably been lurking, too) Between you guys, I am finally convinced on this dirt tank ordeal.

Oh, and after seeing the pictures on the wall, I see you live up to the name wnkdracer.
Reading it three times if you missed anything just ask LOL. (or read it again hehe)
Posting a bunch of pictures make journal threads cool as much as the conversation and information I think. Glad they are big enough for ya to see too.

"dirt tank ordeal"???? dirt is easy (we keep trying to tell ya)

Not planted tank related, but it does envolve getting wet and going fast.
Living up to the name wkndracer. (This was a DIY project too )

Me in my favorite fish catcher. Top recorded speed 103mph.

I read were to you promised nonc a hair pic so here is one of those for ya too.

where did the one for nonc get posted????

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