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Sand and mineralization of the soil were originally planned for one of these tanks but that didn't work. Natural color sand (brown or tan) could not be found. Pool filter sand is TOO white, have it in a little tank and don't like it.

Hum,,,,, sandy yard hum,,,, shallow soil cap,,,

My boy had a blast with this.

I'm sure you can guess where this is going,,

He had to do it and I had to let him.

Water tests found the grain size too small and it packed really tight when wet (too bad so sad)

Any hoot I referenced mineralization of the dirt.
First cheap bag, had cow poo.
Second bag, had chicken poo.
The third bag when laid out on the plastic the red ants invaded over and over again.
Tried another attempt.

Surrendered when the ants invaded yet again repeatedly and returned to the Walstad method with additives.

The tanks had a pad installed before placing them in the stand.

Egg crate worked really well eliminating soil creep along the glass 2yrs. ago so it was used again.

5 layers, angle cut so a point faces the glass.

Muriate of potash.

Followed by an unmixed layer of red clay (solid color dusting) topped with about 1/2" of my 'too bad so sad sand'

The edge was filled with Flourite original.

Followed by 1.5" of the dirt and another light dusting of unmixed clay.

1/2" layer of play sand and Flourite original cap.

Total substrate depth 3".

The mess cleaned up and the nights project completed with flooding of the unplanted tank on 3/16/2011.

So rather than MTS I have another Walstad style dirt tank and this was my how to post for Sara haha. In two or three years we'll see how it holds up.

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