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Finishing up involved deciding how I wanted the stainless to look. Mainly how much elbow and time to be invested.
A brushed finish using flapper wheels (imo) is the easiest option. Also that allowed sanding of the tubing to remove the grade markings and dressing of the welds as needed. Polished is a lot of work and water marks end up being a PITA. Bike and boat projects have caused me to drift away from highly polished finishes due to the maintenance and total hours involved. Our kitchen appliances are all brushed stainless and my wife liked that option too. Good to go brushed

Lighting was originally all going to be cheap and locally aquired. With the strut hangers for the lower tank being 10" above the rim on a standard 55g 2 - 2x40T12 shop fixtures are used with GE plant and aquarium bulbs.
(I'll see how this works out)

The upper was originally 2x32T8 until I read a thread on cheap T5HO hydroponic fixtures. Reviewing the thread 48T5HO single bulb alum reflector units (included 65K bulb) were $49 shipped so change #1 to da plan.

The fixture is designed to be daisy chained so that too was a cool feature.

Designing a stand without a cabinet for the first time all the hardware is exposed. I also stayed low on the first tank for stability sake. At 3" above ground on short legs for access to the top tank without needing a ladder LOL and keeping it somewhat stable a power strip and light timer won't even fit under the lower tank.

I needed a mount for the minimal hardware.
More stainless.

And the power strip has to be attached.

This was absolutely no fun at all.
1/8" plate and #6 screws = a tooth pick of a tiny tap and stainless is a PITA to drill and tap anyway. To get thread engagement on the 1/8" plate fine thread (NF) compounds the issues.

Took two taps as I broke the first one taping two holes UGH! but got it done.

More brush work and on to the tanks.
Total time on the stand ended up being about a 1 1/2 days.

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