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Originally Posted by macclellan View Post
I like it too (Carib Sea Peace River). Mental note taken. I might get a few bags of that to 'chill out' my "Mystic White" pool filter sand.

Wait, the shims are worse than in photo #2 above? Jeez, that IS bad.
Carib Sea used to make an even better substrate color that was a bit lighter in tone, but the discontinued it. Real heartbreaker for me. This stuff is the closest comparison and its nice. I have a bunch of the others too in my basement just sitting there. I totally took advantage of a "no shipping charge" on Drsfostersmith and made them pay in substrate a few years ago. LOL.

Yes, the shims in the back right corner are just about 1/2". The wall the tank is against is not supported right with the foundation right below. (Yes, foundation below). Its a nightmare, but I have reinforced and supported everything that needs to be prior to doing this tank.

Originally Posted by lauraleellbp View Post
Yeah yeah- DIY stand isn't level, blame it on the floors, we've all heard THAT before!

*ducks and runs*

It's going to look fantastic, Glenn!
I know where Florida is. Ducking only puts you under water when the tide comes in sweetheart.
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