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Journal: Glenn's 75 Gallon - "Why Not Goodness?"

I don't normally do Journals anymore because I just don't have time, but I want to try again.

Been a long haul to get here. The day was nuts and one of my best friends showed up in the clutch late night to drive this tank home with me. Took me all day just to get to the planting. My floor was so out of whack it took me an hour just to level the stand. Doors are screwed up a bit and need to be shaved.

Enough of the intro, lets get on to the tank!

It has been entitled:

"Why Not Goodness?"

Basic Specs:

Tank: 75 gallon - 48" wide x 18" wide x 18" high

Lighting: Catalina Solar T5 High Output 4x54Watt with LED moonlights

Filtration: (2) Rena XP3

CO2: Pressurized up your wazzo with a water filter housing reactor

Flora: There are a few I am not sure of in there. May try to ID them over time.
Vallisneria americana
Cryptocoryne spiralis
Cryptocoryne spiralis Var Dwarf
Cryptorocyne Wendtii Red
Cryptorocyne Wendtii Bronze
Cryptorocyne Wendtii Green
Cryptorocyne Wendtii Green Gecko
Cryptocoryne crispatula 'Balansae'
Cryptocryne Wendtii hybrids (multiple kinds in there)
Cryptocoryne usteriana x walkeri (I think)
Misc other species.....
Soon to be added Microsorum pteropus "Narrow Leaf" ala Wasserpest

Fauna: No idea.

Hardscape: Manzanita

And now the spill...

The DIY Stand (Came out ok. The doors need help)

Making the border for the "Goodness"

Ingredients for the "Goodness" (Jerry, your clay you made is sweet! We also have a mystery clay in the small container...could be the "coup de grace" knock out punch... T.B.D. I am holding people accountable.

Being a 3 year old and making mud. It's just "Goodness".

Laying "goodness"

Capping "goodness"

Laying wood

Seeing wood

Still seeing wood (you can see the one door that warped slightly in this photo. Driving me nuts!!)

Strip some plant stock from the grow out tanks

Make a mess.

Moss the wood, start planting the tank.

Plant tank with lots more plants, then fill with water. (De-chlorinated of course because that's how I roll)

Stare at cloudy water and pray it comes out ok

Everything else to come later. If you will notice I modified the hardscape slightly as I went through.

I am happy so far. Clear picture to come soon.
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