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Stainless 2 story (56K warning)

Could not find a stand tall enough to allow access to the lower box while having the lights mounted above the tank,,, so I built one. DIY thread.
Miracle Grow Organic Choice Potting Mix. Dirt tank thread (hi Sara ).
T5HO hydroponics light, Lowes shop lights and alternative filtration. Basically assembled a variety of alternative products and gathered 'gook' for yet more water weed boxes. So a Poor Man's Alternative post all rolled in one.

The stand.

1 1/8" 316L stainless square tubing, nuts, bolts, tubing and a few fittings. Tools and a tig torch.

Not trusting the tape and square I had to see the fit before I continued with the finish. Thin wall stainless pulls like you wouldn't believe during the weld process.

The cross strut allows hook points for the lower light fixtures.

The upper tank lighting is suspended off two pieces of 1/2" heavy wall (high pressure) tubing bent to 90 on a bender. The hooks are formed out of 1/8" 316L bare weld (tig) wire. The tubing is trimmed with ss caps tacked on the ends.

Adjustable leveling feet = 3/4x1" NF16TPI

Drilled the threads out of 1/2" nuts to create the swivel rings. The lower set has a washer welded on the bottom creating the base cup. (swivels nicely hehe)

That's the primary components of the new stand.
Total shop time was 6hrs. cutting it up and 'gluing' things together after drawing it up and gathering material.

gotta go as supper is on the table

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