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Originally Posted by FDNY911 View Post
Your my hero Nalu! LoL. I agree you got some Cojones homie! I think that, all though this is a pretty cool break through in DIY Rimless, I don't think any one should ever keep a DIYed tank of this size in the home. This should be for a basement with a drain and/or a garage. 1 week might go by and all is well. After a month or 2, it might be a different story. I was in a LFS yesterday and I found a Deep Blue Aquarium 75 Gallon for 100, lol I was tempted. lol.
Im not a hero, just someone who likes to experiment lol, thanks tough!
Yeah, I don't want to put the tank like that in my living room with hard wood floors, certainly not without the glass braces. In 3 months I move into my new house (after a 2 month trip to me and my wifes hometowns in Europe)
and then I will finish the tank and place it in my garage, for further tests.
Maybe If the tank is still fine after a year (maybe2 years) I will make one like this and put it in my living room. Would be a beautiful cheap tank

If you watch craigslist, you can find tanks for free to very low prices. I bought mine for $50 and was 5 years old.
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