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Sorry for the delayed response. I haven't been on the forums for some time.
Spring break! Yay!

Originally Posted by NyteBlade View Post
Did you just drill the tank? Is it wood underneath or something?
Also how did you hang your timers and such?
I didn't drill anything in the tank glass itself. I only drilled through the top of my tank stand for the filter plumbing and CO2 tubing to pass through.
The timers are all on a power strip that is securely hanging on two screws I drilled into the back support of my stand.

Originally Posted by FlyingGiraffes View Post
Awesome tank. Loved the video. I'm curious about your green neon's schooling so tightly. Could it be because of that sand bank in front?
I've contemplated this myself. I feel that the green neons feel safest at the lowest point in my tank, that being the sand bank up front.
They rarely ever venture towards to back of the tank where the substrate slopes upward.
The only time they move back there is when I'm doing a water change or cleaning the glass and they're freaking out.
Even so, they quickly find their way back to the front.
I also feel they are scared of the flame moss and perhaps getting stuck in it. So they avoid the sides, as well.

ADA 60-F Iwagumi

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