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Originally Posted by AzFishKid View Post
It was a high of 92 in Phoenix today... I hate the heat. I want to move to Alaska. :P
I used to live 100 miles away from the arctic circle in Alaska. It was cold, the tundra was harsh, and if you went outside during the winter on the coldest day, you could potentially die because your lungs would freeze if you inhaled (keep your mouth covered). I hear Anchorage is nice...But where we were, we had to leave early because we were called "gusak" by the natives and was advised by the sheriff there that there were rumors of plans being started do I say this...Speared? We lived in a very primitive village, but my Dad took the place of somebody longer could provide service for the school there

But again, this was one of the most primitive villages of 500, fly in/boat in only with no roads.

But then again, Anchorage is nice.

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