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Petco & petsmart

Both North and South Petco aquatic staff have pretty much given up on caring. Last few visits, stores that in the past were Ok by box store standards are now just cruel and uncaring at all, I've left really depressed. The fish are misserable and the staff at N are totally clueless why they have dead fish and have the wrong species mixed in the tanks. The staffs answer was that the sump killed any "bad things" fish get. Wow! S petco isnt any better no matter who many employee of the year awards the aquatic dude has. His salt tanks are horrible and very exspensive fish are floaters now. Kills me to see unhealthy unhappy fishies and seahorses.

Petco S has a girl in the aquatic dept that needs a swift kick. You can't miss her...both eyes blacked out with eye liner. Her method of netting fish is SCARY!...take the net and beat it around the tank like you are making cookies...her wakes up the hidding fish...yeah and makes them 100% more stressed out doing this several times a day.

I shop around for best prices on supplies but can't seem to help look at the fish in these stores also...most times I regret it.
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