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I'm going to be overdriving my lights soon, so I can get the most out of the C02 I'll be getting.

I have a 55 gallon tank. I made a fixture for it and wired in four F32T8 bulbs...two 10000K Ocean Sun bulbs, a 50/50 reef sun bulb, and an 8700K max plant bulb. Iím running them all off 2 ballasts. Iím going to buy a third ballast and attempt to overdrive the 2 10,000K Ocean sun bulbs and leave the other 2 at NO for evening and morning settings. I'm currently at 128 watts. Or about 2.3 watts per gallon

If I read this right, the 2 bulbs at 2X overdriven will give me about 50% more light for those 2 bulbs? So....64 watts for the NO bulbs plus 85 watts for the OD bulbs should give me about 2.7 watts per gallon? If I did the other 2 bulbs and changed them to 10000K bulbs I would have about 3 watts per gallon?

I'm not sure what the optimum levels for plants are. In particular glossostigma (I want to get a nice carpet of this stuff), but will 2.7 watts per gallon be enough, or should I overdrive the other 2 as well?
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