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Originally Posted by Gatekeeper View Post
Awesome build. Your power tools are sweet.

Originally Posted by yikesjason View Post
I was thinking about building a tank, but I am glad I read this so I know to leave this to the pros. I even work at a machine shop where I could get my panes cut on a cnc router.
The way this is detailed, if you take it 1 step at a time, is not that hard and you end up with very very accurate parts. no cnc required.
People have been building very nice aquariums long before CNC machines.

Originally Posted by VaultBoy View Post
wow... i dont know what to say about this, it almost seems too good for a DIY thread as most (99.9%) people couldnt do this and i have all the tools and possibly the skills but im too scared to try it well done
Too good! thanks,
I tried to show decent detail because there is very little good info on how to perform this type of fabrication with decent quality.
I find most cabinetry work I do to be much harder and more detailed in steps you perform.

Originally Posted by scapegoat View Post
i agree. this is a bit more than basic... i think basic i think drop checkers haha.

fantastic thread regardless
basic, advance, uber hard !

Or when I was teaching myself I did find this to be almost impossible. So you got me on the title.

Thanks again for reading
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