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Originally Posted by nalu86 View Post
I did a little bit of homework on this over the last year.
I read people doing it on 5, 10 and 20. But I always read that no one ever tried to derimm bigger sizes. Everyone is scared to start at a project like this.
So why don't I try it as fist and show you guys what can go wrong or can't go wrong. I think when this works, there will be a lot other people that will follow or still be skeptic (but yeah, I still have to finish ans prove lol).
This is just for the science, if it works, good for me, I guess... If it don't, I wasted some time, some money and probably spilled a lot of water over the floor "wife yelling " and some cleanwork.

I will keep all the comments in mined and thank you for them all, I appreciate it!

I will probably go with the 4 corner triangles and one brace in the middle.
What brand silicone from Home depot or Lowes was aqua and fish proof again ? Or should I go with a better brand?

my only concern with derimming a tank this size and it working for you is there are a lot of other things to consider. a brand new tank derimmed will probably do better than a 10 year old tank.

i think you're going to want to set up a containment zone, to at least capture any glass. 75 gallons of water in a garage is not a huge deal (especially if it is detached) but 75gallons and shattered glass being moved where ever the water decides to move it is.

something as simple as a parameter of wood studs (2x4) would probably work just fine.

i think people have derimmed larger than 20gs, it just seems they use those as rips
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