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I almost forgot. Here are some pics of tables that I've made recently.

This one was for my wife's sister as a wedding present. Western was their theme, so I made this. We put all their wedding presents on/around it. It was a blast making something like this as a gift!

A closer look at the tile work. You may not be able to tell, but I use an epoxy coating that pours over the sharp tile pieces to make a glass-like top. It's the poor lighting making it look yellowish. It's really a creme color with chocolate brown against it...

Here's the latest. It's a sofa table for our friends at church. They loved it! I had an absolute blast making this one! I used shellac over the stain and it turned out marvelous. This is what my new stand will look like, finish wise.

Again, my iPhone takes poor pics in poor lighting. The table looks so dark here, but it's actually much prettier in person. The previous pic of it in the sun is more life-like. I used the epoxy here as well, and this bad boy is HOT. I got paid a pretty penny for it, too! Don't you love it when hobbies lead to income?!?


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