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Tank stand build in progress!

These are in order chronologically so you can get a feel for what it takes to do this. It's really easy and a bunch of fun! Let's see who can find the most blatant mistake(s)!! Trust me, by doing this in one afternoon I made plenty of mistakes. Oh well, it's structurally sound and, as my wife puts it, pretty.

I'm putting together the frame for the stand here. I like to build two of these frames and use them to make a top and bottom frame. You'll see what I'm saying later....

Here's the top and bottom of the frame:

These two show how I built the vertical supports that go between the previously mentioned top and bottom frames:

I use this pocket-hole kit to make assembly much simpler:

Lots of clamping involved....

Frame assembled:

1/4" birch plywood as the skin...

1x4 used as trim:

A closer look at the routing profile:

And the lip to hide the tank's frame:

I worked at a friend's house while he "cleaned" the garage. Ha ha! He was having fun watching. I still need to sand it down to get rid of all the imperfections seen in the photos. Also, I obviously have not built the door. That will be a 30 minute job tomorrow. I can't wait to stain it and shellac it. This may wind up pretty nice if tomorrow goes as well as tonight did! Now I need to prepare for my wife's "loving" reaction to the new tank idea. I heard once that it's easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission. Well, I'll be putting that to the test very shortly! Wish me luck!!!

Well that's it for tonight. More tomorrow.


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