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I have nothing special. I have a 5 gallon hex with a few plants and some blue pearl shrimp. Substrate is Eco Complete black and lighting is a 13w spiral cfl. I have a 16 gallon with stock lighting and black flourite sand that currently has a betta and 2 guppies in it (trying to decide what to do with it). I have a medium light 25 gallon. It is the one I was asking about for the striped kribs. It has 14wx2 T5NO for lighting. It has black Activ-Flora for substrate. Right now it has the pair of P. Taeniatus, 5 Australian Rainbows, 2 Threadfin Rainbows, a small Clown Pleco, and about 5 otos.

I also have an 85-90 hex tank with stand and a 125 gallon tank with stand both sitting empty in my living room. I have thought about selling the hex. My plans with the 125 are to lightly plant it and stock it with blue pinoy angels, turquoise rainbows, and some sort of blue dwarf cichlid (I know, that is a lot of blue :P). I know I will end up with a pair of either german blue or electric blue rams in there. What I would REALLY love to get my hands on is a blue form of the apistogramma agassizi.
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