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kharma, thanks for the suggestion. I was thinking about hanging the fixture, but it helps to know that hanging it is more of a must than a choice!

I LOVE the look of blyxa in every tank I see it in. I like the look of it as a foreground plant in larger tanks, but I'm a little concerned that it'll be a little too tall for my specific application without constant "haircuts".

Here's a list of plants that I've either worked with in the past and/or want to try this time around:

Lobelia cardinalis
Blyxa japonica
Fissidens fontanus
Ludwigia repens
Creeping Jenny
Rotala willichii
Staurogyne repens

I want to have some sort of Dutch look with this tank. What I need to get ahold of now is some manzanite driftwood. I'll post on the SnS, but please don't hesitate to hit me up with a deal if your in the market!



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