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"Seriously, it's a huge mistake to ask anyone in any fish shop anything. Know what you need to know before going in."

Thats an unfair statment to make. So many fish hobbist claim to be the experts, yet use forums to find answers to their questions..
Im no expert nor a beginner.
I have had many questions while in LFSs but seek out someone knowledgeable, but dont shun the beginner, as we were all one at some point in time.
Do you know how hard it is to sell a quality fish in a fish store?? I do this everyday.. " it all starts with the supplier and how its shipped.
havent you all had fish die on you at some point?? Its no easier for a LFS and given the amounts of fish they deal with on a everday basis.

and... lets not forget the customer who comes in wanting 4 large angels, 2 plecos for his 20gal tank only just purchased from wallymart and set up the night before. yah we have the frustrating task of trying in simple terms to educate them on cycling and water quality for his/her tank.. but they have had fish before most say..
... then return to the store with a baggy of dead fish claiming "WE" sold them sick fish?
All stores are not the same nor run the same way..
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