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I went to Petsmart and Petco with no luck in my search for fluorite black. I want to buy the substrate locally, but I guess that I'll end up having to order the stuff via the net. Any suggestions for a good site to get substrate?

On another note, I received email confirmation that several items are on their way to my door. It looks like I'll have my xp1 filter, Hydor in-line heater, and the new co2 equipment by the end of the week. It'll be like an early Christmas.......that I paid probably too much for. Oh well, it's going to be fun!

I also decided on a light fixture and bulbs. I picked up an Aqualight HO t5 fixture from The fixture comes with a 10k daylight and a 460nm (?) actinic that is being replaced with a 6,700 bulb. The fixture itself is something like 30.25" long and supports a 30" bulb. The tank will have 62 watts shining down on it. I'm excited about the light. I just hope that I can keep algae at bay!!

What I'm planning to do is build some plexiglas dividers that I'll "glue" along the bottom with silicone. The purpose here is to maintain a division between sand and darker substrate (If that is what I end up going with). Also, I had the idea of building differing tier heights from front to back in an attempt to create a slope look without actually sloping the substrate. If this is what I do, then I'll use stones to hide the appearance of any visible plexiglas. I know that it's hard to envision this idea, but I'm planning on getting some pictures up just as soon as I get things underway.

What I need now are some plant suggestions for the tank. I'll be having high light, EI dosing of macro and micros, neutral pH, hopefully pretty high flow rating, and pressurized co2 if it helps. I really think that blyxa would look nice, but I'm worried that my 20 long is too short to use this plant as a foreground. I'm thinking about having it in the rear corners and along the back. I'm open to your suggestions, and I love reading your posts!



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