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Berried BTOE :)

I just noticed today that one of my lovely ladies is berried! As of right now I have no real hopes on them actually hatching, because they have been berrying and dropping for a while now.

BUT, there are a few major differences between this set up and the last:
1. The water chemistry is different. The last time it ended up around 6 gH and 1 kH. This time, it's 4 gH and 0 kH.
2. The substrate buffers the pH. I haven't actually tested the pH from my tap, but other local sources report it at 7.4. With a kH of 0, I can't imagine the pH being very high...
3. The temp is higher. It was staying about 70 degrees where the tank was before. Now, the tank is consistently at 75. So maybe the higher temps will encourage egg development.

Also, I changed the food on them. To benefit the snails in such soft water, they've been given Ken's sticks (alternating veggie and spirulina) every other day. And I noticed the shrimp seem to really like the box elder bugs that are awakening and committing suicide in my tanks. So... I think they are getting plenty of protein.

They look pretty happy! Their condition is a definite improvement over the last set up.

The plants look pretty decent, as well, but I haven't been dosing anything in the tank. Thinking about setting up a little DIY co2 system, because I'm still shaky using Excel with shrimp that have failed to reproduce in months. I will use a small amount of yeast, just to benefit the plants a little. The light isn't too crazy, so I don't think it will take much to make the plants happy. I need to start dosing ferts, probably once a week.

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