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20L High-Tech Journal

Well I finally decided to get back in the game again. It's been a little over a year since I took apart my 10 gallon. It's now home to a bearded dragon in my classroom. My students get a real kick if the little guy!

I've decided that my new tank is going to be a 20 long, and I'm going high tech with it. All I have is my co2 tank, but I've ordered a few things to get started. Here's my lineup.....

1. 20 long aquarium (petsmart)
2. Pressurized co2 (w/ Milwaukee reg/solenoid/needle valve/bubble cntr)
3. Hydor in-line 200 watt heater (
4. Rena xp1 canister (
5. Eco-complete??? I used this on the 10g, but I'm open to suggestions.
6. Lighting??? I don't have anything purchased. HELP!!! T5HO is what I like.

I'm wanting to have a nice carpeting foreground plant like HC or something similar. Moss wall in the background (big maybe here). Stone hardscape with a descent slope back to front with whatever substrate I decide on. I'm going to cut some plexiglas and curve it using a butane torch. I'll then use these pieces to make small partitions at the bottom of the tank so I can use a growing substrate and some light sand for color contrast. I like that look, but we'll see how things go!

I'll try to mix in some rotala stems in the sides for that convex style that you see all over the place. I also want some nice driftwood, but I'd have to find some on the SnS. Hit me up if you have any for sale...

Also, I like reading opinions and/or suggestions. Please let me know if you know what t5ho lights and substrate would be best for this setup. I'm at a loss here...



ps. Pics to come

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