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Originally Posted by Caton View Post
Alright, so I know some of you are really into orchids and I am getting into them! Right now I only have two orchids (Phalaenopis sp. hybrids), but I would like to get more! I don't if I can label this "official", but I am anyway

I just got a new one today from Home Depot, I am going to try and figure out the specie hybrid later.

Lots of pictures of one plant I know, but I was just messing with my camera. I really want to get a DSLR now
nice one caton! unfortunately, there are so many hybrid phals that all look alike. its impossible to ID a plant that doesnt have a label. yours is beautiful either way though!

ahh, i collect a few.. maybe about 40.

im also a member at orchidboard. its a great place i encourage you, caton, to participate in the spring project. its basically where a group of people all buy the same plant and compare conditions and results. its a good way to branch out and get things you would have never gotten on your own.

here are some pics that were alrready uploaded to my picasa

here is my set-up. have 4 t12s over each shelf.

big white noid- just a quick pic

noid phal - my oldest one

all open

mini purple noid-

bc kosh wallis

neo. falcata
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