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Just stopped by RMS. My observations by "category":

Marine - Slim pickings. Most of their coral was either low end or stuff 90% of people can't keep alive. It was fairly sad.

FW Fish - Great selection, tons of good sales. I bought 6 Black Coolie Loaches for $10. They had a lot of 3 for $5 sales. Cory Hasboras 5 for $10. Neons were $0.50 each. So forth. I really wanted some of the GBR's but a lot of them had fin deformities and damage, something I didn't want to deal with. They had a few really nice ones but I couldn't pick out any females, they were just too tiny.

FW Inverts - Poor selection except for the large amount of Assassin snails for $3.50.

Plants -

Equip - They had a lot of the new Fluval substrates. Kind of expensive but for a 20g long and under, easily affordable! Just don't try a big tank at $48 a big bag!

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