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All the plants from my 55G will be going in...
Red Wendtii
Marble queen Radican Sword
Amazon Sword
Purple and Green Cabomba
Aponogeton Ulvaceus (my favorite plant)
Broad Ludwigia
Rotala Indica
Brazilian Pennywort
water sprite
baby tears

Still need to pick a foreground anyone have any suggestions for nice foreground plant that will do well without CO2

you don't need filters to remove chlorine just get some prime
I've always heard is best to remove chlorine (add prime) before it enters the tank.... so I've ever added untreated water directly to the tank and then added prime after. That is why we are looking into filters to run the water through before it enters the tank. I think we need a sediment filter and carbon filter... Not sure how often they need to be changed yet. My husband is starting the plumbing this weekend.

Eco complete is already ordered

Now just need to find the perfect pieces of Manzanita wood

55 Gallon
180G Tank Journal
"That fish tank's so big it makes our TV look small."

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