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Originally Posted by Jenhunter View Post
I'm curious to see how your new lights work out. I have the same set up as your original light fixture, and have been really frustrated with the light distribution. Anything that isn't in the center just doesn't get much light.

The Egde is a very neat tank, but is soooo difficult to work with!

Are you running any co2 in this tank? I don't see any mention of it. If not, how are your plants (specifically the repens) doing?
When no one is around I leave the hood off for better light coverage. When we're watching TV or have company over I put the lid on. Once everything fills in I might leave the hood on 24/7, we'll see...

I'll take pictures of 13W & 26W of lighting with and without the hood.

I don't run CO2 but I dose Flourish Excel and ferts. The S. Repens is doing great. It may be growing a little slower than a CO2 injected tank but it looks nice & healthy.

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