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Posts: 457 the substrate got changed. Got rid of the quartz gravel and swapped in some flourite. I think I did a pretty good job of planning ahead so it all went fairly smoothly. I even rinsed the smaller "sand" fragments of flourite through a wire mesh colander and into another container when I was washing it (which I did a couple days ago). Placed the sand on the bottom of the tank, then poured the substrate on top.

Had a little bit of cloudiness, but once I hooked the HOB back up (it was in a rubbermaid container with the few shrimp that I have temporarily) it cleared up within an hour or so.

This was about as nasty as it got:

All my plants are sitting in a 5-gallon bucket of tank water for the time being...going to finish planting everything tomorrow.

Managed to get started on my moss carpet. I originally just tied the moss to slate last week, and put it in the tank to get an idea of how it would look. I decided I wasn't happy with I got a little bit more creative.

At first, the mesh would just float, I tried burying the edges in the substrate, but figured it'd be a PITA when I started planting and they started floating again...then I had an "ah-ha" moment.

Anchored down 2 corners on each piece just using some of that slate and a little fishing line.

I'll have to post up another update when I'm finished scaping...but I'm liking how this is coming together so far. This is my first real attempt at be gentle

Seriously though...any critique would be much appreciated, just keep in mind I'm nowhere near finished
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