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So...while I wait to rescape and give what I hope will be a great update sometime over the end of the weekend...just figured I'd post up a couple pics in the meantime. Sorry for the questionable quality of a few pics...I have a dead battery in the DSLR for the time being

Added a few amano shrimp...they spend most of their time hiding in the's like Where's Waldo with these guys. I guess on of em decided to be brave and show off a bit.

Paintball CO2 added last week, plants have been happy

The banana plant was looking stunted when I brought it home...the new growth looks amazing. That leaf spread last week, and there's another one rising up about a 1/2 each day, just waiting to open up. I know some people don't like them much...but I think it's going to fit into my final scape pretty well.

Injection running 24/7...seems to be working just fine. 'backdrop' is a snowboard, lol. Oh...and another shrimp spotting, along with an anubias flower that is taking FOREVER to open, man these things are slow.

The splashguard I put together for about 2 piece of styrene cut to size, and a few picture hangers. You can also see the 6-light LED I added for a "moonlight"'s just wedged under the HOB and reflects off the inside of the hood.

DIY reflector I made for the inside of the hood using some aluminum sheeting I had laying around from one of my old indoor grow boxes.

All the equipment is good to go. Probably going to rescape later this week, then slowly start adding stock.
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