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Originally Posted by Xalyx View Post
This tank looks really great. Amazing transformation from the original layout to the rescape. You should think about organizing your plant list and equipment list in the first post.
Thanks Xalyx! I think I definitely started to get a better idea of how I wanted the tank to look after that rescape. I'm going to take your advice and get the initial post more organized as well.

For a quick update, that cool sedimentary rock had a few layers of limestone (probably) in it that were messing with my KH. I did a vinegar test when I brought it home and it passed...problem was not much of the (what I'm assuming was) limestone was exposed. After noticing that my tap had a KH that was noticeable lower than the tank's (2.75 compared to 4.0), I went back to the cracked rock, broke a piece off along one of the white layers, and it started fizzing. whoops.

I'm in the middle of planning another rescape since the bolbitus didn't make it (melt + BBA outbreak that I couldn't cure when I tried to QT the plant) and I found out that the rock was a no-go. Also decided that I wanted to go with Flourite for substrate. Probably should've just done that from the beginning, but I was steered away from flourite by the lfs price on the bag...then found out that it was actually pretty affordable online.

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