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Hi Tom,

Figure I should post the questions I asked you in e-mail in here so others can benefit:

From the post you just made...I thought people say to reduce current and surface agitation so Co2 isn't gassed off especially on non Co2 tank. Just want to make sure I'm understanding..... So I should have an additional filter and more circulation? Right now I don't have water agitation and very little water moving only what the one eheim makes and I have the spray bar 3in bellow the water surface so the top is still.

Questions I emailed....I have a couple questions. What is the ideal level ppm I want my Nitrates and Phosphates at? I have been adding a little under 1/2t KNO3 once a week for two weeks and my level is still at 0. I add 1 cap full flourish once a week.

So after my phosphates are back in normal range should I continue with 1 cap full flourish small pinch of PO4 and 1/4t KNO3. Also is a KH2- GH4 good do I need to change anything here? I just put in some water spike last weekend after reading some post suggesting it. It covers half the tank. I have like 20 fish Rasboras, tetras and 2 African glass catfish, Chinese algae eater and Cory Cat. One more quick question no one at the fish store can answer will African glass catfish or my Chinese algae eater eat/bother shrimp. I want to get some but not sure if these fish will eat them.

Thanks for the info!! Such a big help.
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