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The more thought I give this, I think you are right, our points do parallel each other to some degree.

But I really don't think that everything boils down to education. In my opinion, morality is not something that is taught in a classroom, nor should it be. Morality, decency and common sense are learned through life experience. The "University of Life", so to speak. I don't think you necessarily need to be taught cause and effect or the consequences of actions in a classroom.

People do pray on the ignorance of others, that is true, as ignorance has a bit of a connotation of innocence to me. However, I would rather say they pray upon the stupidity of others. People don't watch crap or emulate T.V., radio, movies or the inappropriate actions of others because they did not receive an education (education is something I think you and I need to define!)or are ignorant. Many people do these things because they are just plain stupid. They watch crap, listen to garbage and act as if they are mobsters or criminals because those people are nothing more than stupid. People buy violent video games and toys for their children because they are stupid. Stupid does not simply imply uneducated. No amount of education is going to eradicate stupidity.

I still think you are being a bit "over the top" in your views on the workings of the capitalist system. My goodness Rumples, I feel I should pull out my old copy of the Manifesto, dig up Karl and Frederick and go out on strike. I've nothing to lose but my chains!! Maybe I should go out and join the ranks of the "Fat Cats" and exploit the working class. Damn the proletariat. Onward running dogs! I still like you , but I really think you are being a bit extreme. Utopia... come on!!! Keep waiting for the Great Leap Forward, just don't hold your breath!

I am not coming at this from some university drop out position, I profit from a position of power, but that does not mean I have to think it is OK. I just do this for money and to live my life.
It is obvious you are a well educated man, and I am glad you are doing well. But boy and how, do you seem to profit from "the system"!

This has been a very fun discussion indeed Rumples. I have enjoyed it immensely. I feel you and I will never agree on this one. However, I guarantee you and I will always agree on our love of planted aquaria!!

You neo-conservative friend in New Jersey,


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