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Hey I think that we are coming from parrallel arguments here. You say that crime is based on desensitisation and lack of moral fibre. Yes this is true but when someone is educated they are more likely to understand the full ramifications of their actions. Added to this is the notion that educated people make better informed decisions. Particularly in regard to elections.

Our society is morally bankrupt because there are those who pray on the ignorance of others. People watch those crap shows and games because they have little understanding or want of learning. I would rather watch a Documentary anyday than watching some senslessly violent show.

I don't think that it is a capitalist conspiracy, but ignorance is necessary for the system to function as it does. I am sure that if people had good education and could read (meaning understand and analyse the information) then informed actions would result and ergo crime rates would be lowered by at least half.

Added to this is the fact that 85% of all criminal cases in Australia are property related. Property ownership is a capitalist concept, "what's mine is mine". People generally steal because they do not either have the means of production or they need to steal so that they can live. If everything belonged to everyone, and everyone had equal access (not what has been tried in the past) then there would not be any reason to steal or kill someone for their wallet. The key is education, even the Greeks understood that. Educating all will help change the system and move towards Utopia.

BTW I am a director and owner of a company which has an annual turnover of about 2 Million dollars. I am not coming at this from some university drop out position, I profit from a postion of power, but that does not mean I have to think it is OK. I just do this for money and to live my life. 8)


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