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Originally Posted by wootlaws View Post
Whats wrong with the hobby are people selling mts for $1 a piece plus shipping even though they are considered pests.
Nothing wrong with the hobby-it's supply and demand.
A lot cheaper than some hobbies. I seen a little fake dead wood pile for HO train landscape that was almost 20 bucks in a hobby shop. I could pick all the dead wood pieces off the parking lot ground for free.

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Originally Posted by wootlaws View Post
Whats wrong with the hobby are people selling mts for $1 a piece plus shipping even though they are considered pests.
If they can find buyers at that price, why shouldn't they? Supply and demand. The java fern that's a nuiscance in my tank is a valuable plant to someone who can't find it in their market. Certainly there's no lack of other places and ways to get your hands on MTS cheaper--and no lack of folks on forums like this happy to help you find 'em, trade for 'em or sell them at a cheaper price. And they're a common item to see as an RAOK here.

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Originally Posted by Art by Stef* View Post
For some that eyesore might of been a starting point.
I had one just like it, but it had that bubbling treasure box thing and a diving dog.
Ummmm, I still have my first tank set up with blue gravel still in it along with the original undergravel filter.

It's uh, "retro". :-) :-) :-)

2 2.5s, 3 10s, 2 20s, 1 29. Low light, low tech. Ponds
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I think there's two totally different words that get thrown around when any of us refer to the practice of maintaining a functioning aquarium:

A hobby

A pet

If you step back a bit, the two are incredibly different.

You can step back a bit from a hobby; you can put the brakes on hard when it's not fun or interesting anymore and just come back to it. Kind of like putting it in storage until you can get back to it. The underlying thought process is that you can just keep it or just sell it for what you paid. Making an aquarium function properly involves research into things you have some knowledge of and some things you don't have a clue about. So that if you go into it not knowing anything and aren't the type to spend the time and effort to gain that knowledge, you're probably getting into it thinking you can just see how it goes and sell it all if it doesn't work the way you want it to. You think of it as a hobby. It's not a hobby and like most of us, there's even more disappointment when you find you can't even give stuff away, much less get back pennies. So that those who see it as a hobby will either never get in or look at some failures and decide it's not worth the effort and investment.
I think there's actually a "sub-set" here in those that think they can make money in the hobby. If you've watched what the SW side looks like now with corals being cut into 1 inch squares, given goofy names, and offered at eye-popping prices, you see it as a hobby you can make a buck at.

Those who see it as "pet" will most likely get into it for the sheer fascination. They enjoy the research, the process, and aren't put off by the responsibility. They are more than likely to have other pets. The research, effort, and money are part of what they perceive as process to achieve something that truly appeals to them and results in a source of pride rather than something they can always just bail out on.

To say the least life itself is a challenge these days. Raising a family, job and career changes, illness, etc., etc. will certainly blur some of the lines here as they should. But I think it's the general perception of a hobby from the outset that determines long term success or failure and the resulting staying in or getting out. Those looking for a hobby are less likely to start or stay in than those looking for a pet.

Generalizations I know, but it's just that. I've been in the hobby for over 50 years from 8 gallons to over 900 and have seen tons of changes on the SW and FW side, so to answer what keeps people in and what drives them away, you'll have to deal with that in general terms.


"Why can't my wife see all of this stuff as an investment?"
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You can also substitute the word "hobby" for interest, and for some passion.
Unfortunately, life hurdles can curtail hobbies, interests, passions, and pets.

Judging from the multitudes of aquaria forums, and the growing list of members on here, I'd say it's pretty popular interest. Whether you have an aquarium or computer, or not

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Originally Posted by twentypoundtabby View Post
Ummmm, I still have my first tank set up with blue gravel still in it along with the original undergravel filter.

It's uh, "retro". :-) :-) :-)
Lol @ "retro". Nothing wrong with "vintage".
As some of my elders would say, "it wears like iron."

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Originally Posted by wootlaws View Post
Whats wrong with the hobby are people selling mts for $1 a piece plus shipping even though they are considered pests.
LOL, sooo true, but sad.
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Originally Posted by Knotyoureality View Post
While quite a few folks I know would love to have a fish tank, they simply travel too much or move too often for fish to be a good option.

Dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, even bugs are pretty easy to haul around. Fish? Not so much.
I shipped my fish across country when I moved

Sincerely, Unikorn

Sincerely, Unikorn

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Originally Posted by dswiese View Post
Why not this one?

What keeps them out?
What keeps them in it?
This could apply to any hobby or interest, none are perfect for all.

What keeps most people out is the simple fact a successful aquarium require work & effort. It's representative of our lazy culture today.

I 've keep in it for 50 years because of the fascination of observing the aquatic world safe within the glass box in my living room and the pride of accomplishment.
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Well for me, I grew up with a 20 gallon in the house, and my brother later on got a 10 gallon. Him and I are 10 years apart, so his interest in aquariums made me interested. it use to be that I just loved having fish, but once I began to see planted aquariums, my knowledge of the hobby grew, and now I have a higher knowledge base then my brother.

Most people I know, see them as a waste of space, money, or time. Most people also wont take the time to research it.

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There are 2 hurdles in my opinion:

1. There is so much conflicting information. It's hard to know what's right, what's wrong, and what's inbetween. If you talk to one "expert" and then talk to a second their opinions can be night and day.

2. This hobby is filled with people who think they know better than anyone else. Not only do they think they are one of the utmost experts in the world they want you to know it. They love to act smug and ask controversial questions just so they can show you how intelligent they are.

Both points are related but even as an experience aquariest it sickens me.
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Fear of Failure.

When I tell people of my failures in the beginning, most comment that they would just give up right there. Most people aren't too keep on a steep learning curve, but my mistakes have taught me more than any website.
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I got in to the hobby by research. I bought a betta and I didnt realize the care needed for them. When I figured out what he needed, I went out of my way to make some money and find a tank on Craiglist. I found a full setup with fish AND a stand and got it for $40. To pay back my dad, i sold both my old iPods on [Ebay Link Removed] Slowly but surely I have made a budget tank. It went from a corny reef looking tank to a beautiful iwagumi scape. Now, of course Im still on a budget, but Im diving in deeper. Medtech planted tank. More fish, snails, shrimp. And Im very proud of it

I cant say I have never failed though. 2.5g tank, with a silver dollar, guppies, mollies, neons, snails, a dwarf puffer!? Yes. I did it.

Now, Im finishing my 15g and working on a plan for another. A 7.9g wild betta tank. A reverse trio of albis. And after that, a dwarf puffer tank. I cant wait.

No, this isnt a "hobby", "passion", or pet, its a lifestyle. Once you really get in to it it is hard to quit. Harder to quit then to get into it. Its worth the time, the money, and the effort, because its a black hole

And now with forums, we all have each other. The ups and the downs, the diseases, the algae, the dead tank or the live tank, we all have help.

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For me it's a challenge, whenever you think you may have it figured out you realize YOU DONT. You go to work and your tank looks amazing, then you come home and see some type of black algae on your plants. Then after you pull some more hair out if your own head you start to pull it out if your tank. For me it's a challenge and fun. I think for others it's too much work and it takes up a lot of your time and money. My wife is always yelling at me to keep my hands out of the tank, she doesn't understand that it's never complete and never perfect. I currently have two tanks, a 26 gallon bowed with fish only and a ten gallon planted tank, I wish I could afford to have more, that's how much I enjoy the hobby!!!
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The hobby to me,,teaches young folk's responsibility, and old folk's like me,,,humility.
Don't believe everything you think you know.
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