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Kill it! Kill it with fire!

No, seriously, I can't kill spiders. I am deathly afraid of them but I will still catch them (all the while shaking with my knees about to give out with fear) and then let them go.

Could you set her free far far away? I feel kinda bad for her Drive out to the middle of nowhere, put the jar down, open the lid and run. That's what I would do!

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I thought Washington state is free of black widow Have fun keeping it! I used to keep a spider when I was younger, fed it flies that got stuck on those sticky fly traps. BTW Puget Sound area here, I'm assuming you're at eastern?

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Originally Posted by if_fishes_were_wishes View Post
Kill it! Kill it with fire!

No, seriously, I can't kill spiders. I am deathly afraid of them but I will still catch them (all the while shaking with my knees about to give out with fear) and then let them go.

Could you set her free far far away? I feel kinda bad for her Drive out to the middle of nowhere, put the jar down, open the lid and run. That's what I would do!
If I feel she is no longer "happy" and starving that is what I will do. She seems perfectly fine for now. Not like she moved much on my porch anyways.

Pinoyboy: Yes, I am eastern. About 60 miles east of Wenatchee if you know where that is. Middle 'o nowhere Washington. Very little rain too. People can't seem to think that Washington is 1/3 desert/flats (I say desert, but its just tons of sage brush for miles. Not that many cacti)

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Originally Posted by latnem View Post
I live in Vegas and there is pretty much a black widow in every dark corner you look.
Same in Florida. They are everywhere. I am around them all the time with the job.

I keep one in a pickle jar once, she got really fat from the grasshoppers I would catch for her.

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I have a friend that was bitten under her eye a few weeks ago. Not something I would want to tangle with. The bite/venom eats a hole in your flesh.
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yeah screw that...
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I've known several bug keepers over the years that keep widow spiders. To think people will actually PAY MONEY for these. But then people think we are nuts for the plants and fish we buy, lol.
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First of all, the venom of a black widow isn't going to eat away at your flesh. That is just not true. And people rarely die from their bite. The most you are going to get is localized pain and swelling with a chance of a stomach ache. Heck, most times you don't even need to go to the doctor as the symptoms of the bite will begin to dissipate after 24-48 hours after being bitten. Unless you are really young or elderly, there is no real concern to be had.

Also, contrary to their name, most black widow females don't consume the male after mating. It happens about 20 percent of the time.

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Try keeping a brown recluse spider, seeing that you fancy these 8 legged freaks **kidding**. Two things I hate most... spiders and snakes.

Don't get bitten buddy!
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Hobo spiders are much more aggressive than black widows. Black widows don't really go after you unless you stumble into them. I kept several as pets when I was a kid. Never had any problems with them escaping their jars or getting bit by them.


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Big butt spider! (that's what my husband and I call all venomous spiders with the large abdomens) My mom's old boss put his slipper on after leaving them at his pool overnight and NOM! He took his foot out and a little female like ran away. She got him on his big toe and he lost that toe, but he lived at least! Black widows are in almost every area in north america. There is a cousin of theirs in Australia called the redback. There are Latrodectus spiders on every continent except the arctic/antarctic. Tons of these pretty little ones in CA.
That being said, I love widows. I would never keep one because my dogs break stuff all the time and they are always trying to get my tarantulas and my cats do too! They ate my emperor scorpion! I never feed wild caught feeder insects because you have no idea what chemicals they have gotten into. I would feed crickets, you have the option to gut load them.
Good rule of thumb is make sure the cricket is the size of her body or smaller you don't want one to injure her. Roaches are also great feeders but again, make sure they aren't poison and that they are small enough. You could even try meal worms, wax worms or similar feeders. She should never be large enough to need pinkies. I'd also invest in a pair of feeder tongs, god forbid a cricket decides he wants to nom your spider!
I wouldn't put her into a 10 gallon, they aren't secure. If a king snake can escape I'm positive that little spider could. Keep the humidity nice, spiders molt and if they get too dry they will run into problems but make sure that you're not spraying her!

All that being said, congrats! Widows are beautiful and pretty darn easy to care for.

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