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Like there was never any crime in a socialist, communist, or even fascist society?

Rumples, with all due respect, your description of the capitalist system seems more like an X-Files conspiracy than an economic system. Anyone with a good idea and/or some hard work can be successful in a capitalist society. That is both the beauty of the system, and its downfall. It requires a person to actually apply themselves. Something many people aren't willing to do. How many times have you heard people say "I'm not going to work at Mc Donalds..". Why not? Because it is beneath them. That is one of the reasons why so many jobs have left the US. People fell that the work doesn't pay enough or is too menial. Hey, $2 is better than $1, and $1 is better than $0. Can anyone say "welfare state"?

Education is always the answer isn't it? The answer is never morality, decency or thoughtfulness!
I have a very hard time with this argument Rumples. Case in point, being from a family of immigrants, as you Aussies also are, my ancestors didn't have the education. They worked, faced discriminations, and overcame. No one even dreamed of stealing, or hurting someone else. No, education is not the be all end all of answers.

People are becoming desensitized to violence, and violence begets violence. TV shows glamorize criminals and criminal behavior. It becomes cool. How many people reading this watch some of these shows? Unfortunately there are a lot of people who like to emulate the attitudes and behaviors they see on these shows. Once again, it becomes cool. I saw a bit on the news about a video game for sale. The games motive was to steal cars. Ridiculous! To make matters worse, the vicarious car thief earned extra points by beating prostitutes to death with a golf club. Wonderful! If I had an eight year old you could be sure jolly ol' St. Nick would be dropping that one off.

I would agree that people are ignorant, but again, their ignorance is not cause by some great capitalist conspiracy. Many people are ignorant because they are just plain not interested. Mention Play Station, Eminem, Joe Millionaire, who won the American Idol or the latest stupidity out of Hollywood, and they know. Heck, the people of New York elected a senator who never lived in their state! Now that is ignorance.

When I look at crime rates I do think about who I elected into power. I know what their stance on education and welfare is. The only good bet is that most of their constituents are the ones who don't give a hoot!

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