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Thanks all!
The bowl is not heated, the house heat keeps it in the 70Fs, and shrimp generally accept cooler water (especially the crystal shrimp with will eventually go into here). No filtration or water movement. The plants filter out all the dissolved waste, and w/e is left over gets changed out with my 2x a week water changes of about 90%. Parameters all stay at 0.

YES even a tank this small must be cycled. If you start with just plants like i did, and let them grow a lot before adding shrimp, your job will be a lot easier since the plants would already be growing fast enough to absorb any waste that the shrimp produce. then from that point on the tank will cycle little by little in an undetectable way. However right before and from the point you add the shrimp to the tank I advise you to start testing every 3 days or so to prevent any sort of spike killing your shrimp.

Back when i started this, I put the one male shrimp in here to test the tank and I got a 1ppm Nitrite spike after a week! as soon as i saw that I immediately did the water change to drop it down to about 0. Then the plants took over again, and i haven't seen any param issues from that point on. that male shrimp is btw still alive and well in this tank, breeding with the female.

So yes, read up on cycling, use live plants first, and tons of testing and doing this slowly will ensure that you will succeed.
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