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I have caridina babaulti green, caridina babaulti "black", caridina babaulti cf. stripes (dwarf zebras), bumble bee (wild), neocaridina zhiajensis blue (blue pearl), neocaridina zhjianjensis white (snowball), Indian white banded, amano shrimp, malawa shrimp. I also carry thai micro crabs, zebra nerite snails, red spot snails, horned nerite snails (solid and striped morphs), pomacea diffusa ("mystery" snails), assassin snails, bamboo shrimp, tylo snails (white spot and yellow fleck), green lace shrimp (atyoida pillipes), cambarellus shufeldtii, and I am probably forgetting a few!

Suggestiosn really depend on source water and your stocking. Ghost shrimp are often predatory as they are scavengers and are not always a good pairing for other dwarf species.
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